Ghost is basically a CMS for static sites. It even powers this site!

I'm a Tinkerer

Ghost is open source and written with a tech stack that I'm familiar with. So I don't really have specific plans, but I know that I have the power to shape this however I want. I never really loved wordpress etc because these projects feel like behemoths that i just get discouraged from tackling. With Ghost it's pretty simple you got the admin application that manages the CMS aspects of it. The database which holds for persistency for the admin application. and finally the generated files.


I've used a variety of other CMS systems before in a work setting but none of them felt really good for my use case. The admin interface covers all of the basic stuff I may want to change on the day to day. But the themes give me complete control over the layout and style.

Measuring against the wall

I hope this blog serves as a place for me to document what I do. Maybe over time I'll be able to look back at these things with at least some sense of accomplishment. Maybe someone else will find these posts useful or at least amusing.