Lydia A.K.A lyds
year 2019
engine godot
genre ragdoll wrestling

Slumber Rumble

How it all began

I was having dinner with a dear friend who told me a story of how that night they had whacked their partner in the face while asleep. this of course let to jokes about sleep fighting. I cannot recall who proposed it but eventually the conversation steered to "hey this could be a game" and so that night we went back and forth discussing the design of what would come to be known as Slumber Rumble

So What is it?

Slumber Rumble is a 2 to 4 player ragdoll wrestling game where the objective is to get the best night's sleep. you lose rest by being knocked off the bed and gain it by keeping your head on a pillow. over the course of a 1 minute round you control your character by sending impulses on their limbs. A/B/X/Y correspond to a limb and the left stick controls the direction.